Jakarta Hottest: Welcoming Hotel Monopoli! The modern traveler wants flexibility, not excess baggage. Hotel Monopoli reinvents hospitality to make something fresh, vibrant and lively. We embrace and reimagine classic buildings and interesting opportunities, creating a sense of history and place while reinterpreting those details for a sense of modern retro that marries the pragmatic with the romantic. Our hotel is inspired by an affinity for the soulful and fueled by localized and handmade culture. Hotel monopoli is a collection of individuals — multiple and inclusive, held together by an affinity for the soulful. We readdress its cultured conventions to keep them youthful and joyful. We accept the hotel as a potential for real, fluid community. We believe that hospitality is compassion, that it is not servility but genuine concern for others’ well-being and the ability to live with empathy. What a city hotel really needs is an open, flexible lifestyle which doesn’t place any restrictions on its guest. In fact, it should do just the opposite, offering up new possibilities every day.


Jl. Taman Kemang No.12,

Jakarta Selatan,

Indonesia 12730