The word ‘Ling’ (玲) is normally used as a Chinese girls’ name and it means delicate. It is common in the Chinese culture to reduplicate a child’s name to form a nickname, the reduplication marks affection or intimacy – hence the name Ling Ling, it to create a familiarity and ease upon saying or hearing it. The concept of the restaurant is inspired and revolves around Ling Ling as a character at its entirety – a girl born in 1930s Shanghai who grew up in the Canton and Hakka region of China. The concept nestles on the idea of bringing Ling Ling come to live as character of style, heritage and tradition through a restaurant for Jakarta’s market today. The objective is to create a Chinese restaurant with a big difference, through its food and various value creating design elements – to offer a feast for both the eyes and the mouth.