The name brings love and new starts into life and attracts money. In business, “Syah” are the creator and promoter of original ideas and usually enjoy considerable success. “Syah” are inventive, intuitive and extremely methodical. It loves beauty and philosophy, and desire achievement.

Syah Establishments is a hospitality and entertainment company helmed by visionary Founder and Executive Chairman Felly Imransyah which comprises a thriving collection of exquisite lifestyle brands, hotels, residences, restaurants and nightlife destinations.

Felly Imransyah start out to bring a new way of thinking and revive the above industry. The vision was apparent: Each project is inspired by the eclectic cultural experiences through the invention of classic qualities meets contemporary approach. Fueled by the passion and swag of style that defined by substance. A promoter of original ideas: A visionary taste maker. It’s all started with a dream.

Providing distinct experiences with eccentric and confident taste. Syah Establishments has conceived a new generation of soulful and original establishments. While each project has a language all its own, Syah Establishments are united not only by the exceptional crafted detail of design and atmosphere, but also by an unwavering commit.


The Creator

Mr.Imransyah has been a Chairman of PT. Segitiga Emas since 2010, accountable for one of the prominent lifestyle brand in Indonesia, Goods Diner and Goods Dept. Under the same corporation he also elevate the word property, taking aesthetic and functionality into a new height with Atman Collectives as a dynamic brand for valuable assets. Projects including distinguished town houses in South Jakarta: Tanah Merah and Mayfair House. As well as renowned boutique hotel in Bandung and Bali, Maja House, and Brown Feather. Holding a Marketing degree from San Francisco State University, Mr.Imransyah acknowledged of fusing business and ingenuity into unprecedented creation.

In 2014 Mr. Imransyah decided to unite his business lines under one roof, Syah Establishments.